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Precision Air is located in Columbus, Michigan and is owned and operated by Doug Clark.  Mr. Clark has been in the gaging industry for over thirty years, starting with Sheffield/Bendix.  In 1979, Mr. Clark went into business for himself by starting Douglas Gage.  It quickly became a supplier to both industry heads and automotive and aircraft companies. After twenty years, he decided to focus on the small, challenging tools rather than the general scope of gaging.  Precision Air was born.   The larger gages and fixtures, along with the building in which Douglas Gage was housed, was sold. Eight years later, it is still in business.  Precision Air was created to fill other companies needs for the small and intricate gaging that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

In the thirty years Mr. Clark has been in business, he has earned the reputation of being the “go-to guy” for the gaging industry.  Mr. Clark has carved a niche for himself in the very small and intricate spindles you will see on the following pages.  His abilities and patience extend beyond normal gaging houses, with capabilities to build air spindles to measure internal diameters as small as .023”.  When other gaging companies say it isn’t possible to do, Mr. Clark proves them wrong, coming through with the ideas and unique tooling that only one with a keen understanding of gaging and years of experience can offer. Just a quick look through the photo albums should give you a better idea of how Mr. Clark and Precision Air extend above and beyond the scope of your normal gaging company.

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